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Reading the script, I imagined the spaces where the dialogue happened were floating. Characters are bound to their ideals and beliefs. The vulnerability that came from the poetic lines inspired me to think about a way that makes the space the characters were living in alive. Were power dynamics and social structures move alongside shape and light. 
I was looking for a way where the characters were lost in desolated spaces. Through light, charted the characters changing emotions and a reaction to the topic of the scene. Small movements and words have a direct impact on its surrounding. Yet, the hope that comes with the good and bad of people. Where mistakes and worries are shared and have the potential to transform a community. I was curious to find a way where I could make the surrounding breathing and could become a character itself.  


Combination of sketches, initial responses, colour test, 3D sketches, 1:25 model.

Copyright © 2021 Fenna de Jonge

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